B.P. 29
77831 Ozoir-la-Ferriere

Agapé France lives and shares the message of hope in a multi-cultural environment. University students are invited to think about existential questions in a non-threatening atmosphere through culturally relevant events and interactions. Athletes are introduced to the greater goal of faith in God. Agapé France invests in the foundational unit of society, couples and families, with multiple programs. The team uses fine arts and the internet to provide answers to life questions and distributes the JESUS film and other media to spread the message. They also serve and support immigrants living in France. Cooperation with local churches helps equip followers of Christ for personal outreach.

France welcomed workers from Campus Crusade for Christ, our US parent organisation, in the 1970s on the University of Orléans campus. The first staff members officially launched the movement in 1973, taking the name Agapé France in 2000. Their vision is to make God’s love known to the maximum number of people and help every Christian to be an authentic testimony of God’s love.