167 Newhall St.
Birminghan B3 1SW
United Kingdom

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Members of Agape United Kingdom want to live radical lives of service and influence, following Jesus’ model. They passionately invest into the lives of students to connect them to God, create healthy and lasting relationships, serve the university and thus help to change the world through students’ positive impact on their communities locally and globally.

The Agapé team supports families and marriage with weekend gatherings, special training days and printed material that shares the timeless principles for healthy relationships.

The Agapé Work Life helps businesspeople practice creativity, forgiveness, spiritual discipline, focus and integrity. They also help students transfer their sense of mission from campus to the workplace.

Agapé’s team shares the love of Jesus among multi-ethnic peoples by helping meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They also work bless people outside the UK. They use the JESUS film in cooperation with local churches to visually share the joyful message of Christ.

In 1967, Bill Bright (founder of of Campus Crusade for Christ (Agapé), sent a team of fifty-five men and women to the UK to help build spiritual movements on university campuses. Soon, working in partnership with others who shared the vision, groups were flourishing at five universities across the country. By the early 1970s, thousands had been trained to share their faith. Today, Agapé continues with the same vision. Though the university remains a central focus, Agapé now works with people of influence in most areas of life and has sent British staff to help build spiritual movements on every continent.