Postbus 1829
Puntenburgerlaan 91b
3800 Amersfoort BV

+31 (0) 343 415 741

Agape Netherlands is an innovative team that shares their lives and God’s love with many different groups of people. They are committed to coaching young people and building communities to help people find meaning in life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Their efforts to reach people interested in sports offer both churches and youth opportunities for renewal by building relationships and helping local Christians have a more relevant and direct positive impact on their communities. Their teams invest in families and couples through various activities and resources, and a dedicated group cares for women in need.

New media are used to answer questions about faith effectively and in a friendly way. They continue to find creative ways how to engage contemporary medium in sharing the Good News. Agape Netherlands also uses the JESUS film and related tools.

Agapè Netherlands started in 1969 in a time of change for the Dutch Christian church. It was a time where the secularisation grew fast. Jan and Nellie Kits were called to start a ministry using methods unlike all others known by the Dutch church at that time – personal testimonies, simple sharing of the gospel and emphasising the ministry of the Holy Spirit. And though the variety of ministries have multiplied over the years, this personal ministry is still key in the Netherlands.