Rua gonçalo Mendes da Maia
4425-656 Maia

Agape Portugal’s staff lives and works according to the example of Jesus,following the motto “live to serve, not just to be served”. They actively serve university students, so that every student knows somebody who follows Jesus.

A focus on helping the needy offers young people opportunities to meet the practical needs of others in their communities while acting as positive role-models.

The Agape Portugal team recognize the importance of families as the main place for growth and development oving relationships. However, today many families are under enormous pressure in the unstable Portuguese financial climate. The FamilyLife movement provides opportunities to learn new relationship skills and receive support in times of uncertainty. Online tools like Peace with Jesus and The4Points provide answers to life’s questions.

Agape Portugal was established as a Christian association in 1975. Over the years, different ministries have been developed and added to the ministry to work with people from various walks of life.