Campus für Christus
Am Unteren Rain 2
35394 Gießen

+49 (0) 641 975 180

Agape Germany (Campus für Christus Deutschland) is one of the largest national teams in Agape Europe, and they are passionate about sharing their Christian faith. They offer the message of hope to university students, professors, athletes and musicians. They invest in families and support executives to live their faith in the business world.

Media tools like the JESUS film, a movie about the life of Mary Magdalene, and several internet sites for people who want to know more about the Christian faith are some of their digital resources.

Campus für Christus Deutschland also has an impact beyond its borders through its humanitarian aid partner GAiN and by offering short and long-term service opportunities around the world. They encourage Christians to express their faith in authentic and relevant ways to those around them, for example by promoting prayer.

Campus für Christus Deutschland was established in 1967 with a vision to share Christ’s message of love and hope with the world according to the Great Commission of Christ in the Bible.