Josefstrasse 206
CH-8005 Zürich

+41 (0) 44 274 84 84

The Agape movement in Switzerland, called Campus für Christus Schweiz, wants to see spiritual movements growing throughout the country. Guided by the motto, «God’s Love in Action», they have been involved in ministry activities for over 40 years by sending people, know-how and other resources across Switzerland and beyond its borders. Campus für Christus staff members want people to experience God’s love in all areas of their lives, both at home and abroad. Campus für Christus Schweiz has some twenty-five ministry areas focusing on youth, athletes, university students, families, internet outreach, evangelistic training, practical service and foreign missions. Their goal is to help fulfill Christ’s Great Commission in our time through socially relevant strategies that approach people with respect and recognize their needs. Campus für Christus serves Christians in a variety of churches and faith-based community settings to learn and practice personal evangelism and discipleship. Training and hands-on involvement opportunities help people grow in faith and allow them to personally experience the love and power of the Holy Spirit as they share the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed.