“We like to move it, move it!”

Movement Builders' School - Germany 11-18 March 2016

In campus ministry it is all about building movements.  But why? What does that mean? What does it look like? How did Jesus do it?

Fifteen students and a handful of staff from all over Germany, including project leader Christina Horning, came together to explore answers to these specific questions.

Through time in prayer, worship, and the Word participants sought God’s wisdom and insight. Daily sharing and discussion helped them learn from the experience of others. In outreaches and brainstorming during workshop sessions they dreamed and shared about how to take next steps in building movements on different campuses throughout Germany. Students left the conference with a greater understanding of movements and a practical plan for how and what they want to implement in the coming months.

A unique aspect of the Movement Builders’ School (MBS) is that it continues beyond the week we spent together in Mannheim. Each student received a coach who will accompany them over the next semester through monthly Skype conversations, helping them think through how they can implement the plan that they developed during the MBS. For some students the MBS experience will carry over into the following year, as we hope to challenge them to pass on their knowledge and experience to their fellow students by either teaching at the next MBS and/or coaching future participants.

One could say that MBS is itself somewhat of a movement, an experience that incorporates WIN, BUILD, SEND in theory as well as practise. Daily inputs touched on different aspects of the three key elements of movements. Additionally, we went sharing on campus one afternoon (“win”). “Building” was evident in both the teaching and the coaching sessions during and after the MBS. Each student was then “sent” out to build movements on their own campus and also to pass on what they had learned to other students on their campuses.

Just as movements on campuses should be student-led, so also is the MBS vision. We want to create an atmosphere where students pass on to other students what they have learned. How powerful when students inspire other students, casting a vision to spread God’s kingdom throughout their own faculties and campuses! This year, at the second version of MBS we experienced the partial fulfilment of this vision. Four students who were participants at the 2015 MBS came back as speakers and/or coaches for the fellow students this year.

You are probably wondering, “And did they answer all those questions?” Here’s what two student participants said: “I have been involved in Agape for over a year, and, through the MBS, I finally understood for the first time what building movements is all about!” That student has now set a goal of focusing on investing or building into other students this semester as well as encouraging an atmosphere of investment within her movement.

Another student, who returned to MBS as a coach/speaker, recently shared with me, “I have realized that vision is the key. Students need to be inspired by the vision and really own it for their campus.” As a result, she has begun to think about how she could design a “Mini MBS” for students on her campus! Amazing! I am excited to see how God will move in and through these students to build His Kingdom in Germany and beyond!

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