“Love Europe” App Available Now

Helping Refugees Navigate and Communicate

Highlights of the Love-Europe app:
  • Navigation through Europe in a growing number of countries
  • Map with very helpful information
  • Offline navigation available
  • Bi-lingual information display 
  • Basic words and phrases in multiple languages

New information and features are being added regularly. 

This app helps refugees find the information they need most: finding specific locations in multiple countries in Europe and offering a variety of words and phrases in multiple languages to make communication with local people easier.


Since 2015, thousands of refugees have been streaming into Europe every day. They come from horrifying situations and have arrived in our countries after risking their lives and leaving behind all that is familiar in search of hope for the future. As an organization, Agape Europe want to help them feel welcomed in their new surroundings.

Since the majority of the refugees come to Europe with mobile phones, a team of digital experts from Agape Europe have created a smartphone app called Love-Europe, which helps them navigate on the way and communicate during the journey.

The goal is to help refugees in Europe find the resources they need most. We want to connect these newcomers with people in Europe who are also looking for opportunities show them love and kindness by helping in practical ways.

The idea and development of the app was initiated by a team of passionate digital experts at Agape Europe. Using their existing network of experts and the leveraging modern technology, they developed this app in collaboration with partners from all over Europe. This is innovation being used to help people in need.

"We are touched to see refugees in need, and we want to respond."

At Agape Europe, we believe that we are called to take care of people in need. Every person is valuable, everybody needs a hope for the future. We want to help refugees feel at home, to take care of them and offer practical support.

This app provides useful information, and its navigation feature is also available off-line. All locations are stored on your phone so you can navigate to locations using the compass function if you are disconnected from the internet. This multi-lingual app displays simple words and phrases in two languages at once so that people can communicate more easily despite a language barrier.

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2 responses to ““Love Europe” App Available Now”

  1. James says:

    Definitely downloading this. Is the app available in several languages?

    • Denise Marks says:

      Thanks for your interest in the app, James. More information is available on

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