Refugees in Moldova

The small country of Moldova has received over 150,000 refugees since Ukraine was invaded. Agape Europe staff members are showing the love of Jesus to these refugees.

Voices from the war

Over 150,000 refugees have entered Moldova since the invasion of Ukraine began. Camps and hotels have become bunkhouses and shelters. Staff members and volunteers working with Agape Europe in Moldova rented one of these camps, turning it into a shelter for refugees. 


The staff members and volunteers are providing a place of safety and warmth for those fleeing the invasion. Between the camp and repurposed office spaces, over 588 refugees have found a place to stay, food to eat and someone to listen to their stories. They also hope to show people the love of Jesus Christ in the midst of their darkest moments. 

Jesus met the needs of those He interacted with in many ways. He showed compassion to people, sitting and talking with them. He fed the hungry and brought healing to the sick. He told them about His great love for them and how they could follow Him with their lives. 


In Moldova, Agape Europe staff members, using funding from generous partners, are following Jesus by doing the things He taught His followers to do. They are feeding refugees and providing medical aid as they are able. They offer their presence as they listen, pray, and talk with them about the God who loves them. 

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