StudentLife Surfs in Lahinch

Agapé Ireland engages students with the Claims of Christ

The work at Agapé Ireland is focused on meeting students on campuses around  the country to get people talking about the claims and message of Jesus Christ.

StudentLife wants to create a community where more and more students can enter into discussions about Jesus. The aim is to engage people and make them feel welcome. Each person has something valuable to bring to the conversation, and the goal is to avoid an “us vs. them” atmosphere when Christians and non-Christians exchange ideas.  But this simple concept can be difficult to remember and implement when working on campus from week to week.

The recent retreat in Lahinch was a real boost for the team, allowing the fledgling community of spiritually interested students to spend time having honest conversations about faith - and having a lot of fun doing things like surfing! 

The combination of these two elements made this trip a highlight of the year. New friendships were started, and participants have even met once already for a “coffee crawl” – a uniquely Irish term when people meet for an afternoon caffeine shot!  


Learn more about the students involved with Agapé Ireland through their StudentLife Facebook group.

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