WOW-God Days!

Swiss Youth Celebrate Jesus

“My image of the church has been completely transformed!”

Over the Easter weekend, 3000 young people celebrated faith in Jesus Christ in Baden, Switzerland at the WOW God Days. This event was initiated by the Campus Generation team of our Swiss Agape partner (Campus für Christus Schweiz).

From Good Friday through Easter Sunday, a new kind of Christian gathering took place in the small city of Baden (outside of Zurich, Switzerland). On three evenings, teens, youth and young adults from 13-25 years of age came together. There was a multi-generational service on Easter Sunday morning as well.

Entertainment that Goes Deeper

There was a special atmosphere among the participants. Contemporary music and moving preaching helped explain the true meaning of Easter and the basic of Christian faith. Skits and personal stories illustrated the principles presented. A former refugee named Ike told his story, “I experienced God’s presence in my like and His profound peace even when I was being persecuted and during my life-threatening journey to Switzerland.”

A concert featuring the internationally renowned bands Good Weather Forecast (part of our Agape ministry in Germany) and LZ7 (UK) as well as a Swiss hip-hop combo added to the cool atmosphere of the event. The Afterparty lasted into the early hours and featured a DJ and action games.

Anna, a 19-year-old and not a church-goer, was invited to the event by her friend, “Wow, my image of the church has been completely changed tonight!”

The Do Something Now project encouraged participants to bring used winter clothing to donate to refugees relocated in the local area as well as to needy people in Eastern Europe.

Stefan Fischer, project leader and president of the local Evangelical Alliance, was pleased with the results, especially the involvement of more than 280 volunteers and in partnership with twelve regional churches.

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