Plaza José María Orense 7, bajo 2
46022 Valencia

+34 (93) 424 30 31

A great goal requires a great team, and that’s what Agape Spain staff members work to be. They organise creative events to engage with young people and university students through the arts, sports, movies, urban culture and special weekend getaways. Agape promotes Christian family values to young couples and families through weekends and small-group materials. Meeting real needs of the people around them is their primary goal: whether offering cultural integration and language courses for immigrants, supporting families of hospitalized children, engaging in philosophical debates on campus or offering peer groups for business executives to equip them to face the challenges of life in the business world.

They also work in and through the world of sports. Their original animated film and novel File Zero, the JESUS film, a biographical movie about Mary Magdalene and websites are designed to answer questions, engage the spiritually curious and help to spread Christ’s message of hope to the world.

The Spanish team also runs a hostel for pilgrims walking the St. James Way. Called Fuente del Peregrino (Pilgrim’s Fountain) is also the site of European staff training courses in service and personal outreach.

Agape Spain was launched in 1969. Today, the team continues to forge partnerships with like-minded believers and go out to share the hope of Jesus.