God Moving in Crisis: An Update from Ukraine

How God is bringing peace and comfort amidst the war in Ukraine.

Pray for Ukraine

Bringing peace and comfort amidst crisis includes knowing the facts, hearing from staff members, and sharing resources with one another. God is moving throughout Ukraine during this time of war. He is providing shelter for refugees, bringing people to safer locations, opening opportunities for exceptions to martial law (which requires Ukrainian men aged 18-60 to prepare to be enlisted into the army), and providing support for those who remain in the country.


With many of Agape’s staff members still in Ukraine, there is an urgency and opportunities to speak of the eternal hope, Jesus, and what a secure relationship with Him looks like. Through aid, support, comfort, and shelter, God is providing staff members with opportunities to share the gospel through word and actions.


Some of the Agape’s staff offices in bordering nations have turned into refugee housing centers, providing shelter, aid, and safe places for people to go. Others have been taking vehicles filled with aid and supplies over the border. Even though this is dangerous, God’s favor has allowed these supplies to make it to those desperately in need.


If you’re looking for ways to help during this time, there is a 24-hour Ukraine prayer chain — sign up for slots here or you can join the Zoom prayer room


To find out how to pray for Ukraine, please visit Agape Europe’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

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