Italy: Immigration and Integration

The European immigration crisis represents both an incredible challenge to western society and an unprecedented opportunity for the advancement of the Great Commission. We believe that the Church cannot simply sit by and watch the events unfold. Rather, we must take prayerful and strategic action. 

The Rome Refugee Project partners with a wide spectrum of Christians and denominations to put the Gospel on display to Europeans and immigrants through compassionate service to the poor and marginalized in the midst of this crisis. Our outreaches are designed to maximize meaningful interaction between Christians and non-Christians.

Activities include:

• Running a refugee day-centre where people can drop in for conversation, receive information and get help for immediate needs and answers to questions. This is the first point of contact.

• Providing training courses in language, computer skills and general job-readiness in the local context.

• Humanitarian aid distributions of food and clothing in the local area – always including some expression of the Christian motivation for the work.

 All these activities serve as opportunities to help directly but also to build relationships for sharing our faith. As refugees show interest in spiritual topics, small groups are formed to explore Christianity and discover the truth of the Gospel message.

Additionally, Agape Italy helps mobilize and train local Christians to engage with refugees in their own communities by involving them in existing activities and helping them multiply outreach into their own neighbourhoods.

Refugees are being trained in computer skills

Refugees are being trained in computer skills

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