Let’s Revive Europe

"Europe needs more Jesus."
- Christian Pichler, speaker at Revive Europe.

"We came to Revive because God is hungry for more of each of us. God wants to ignite a fire inside of me and inside of you that will transform us forever. He will use the fire inside us to set this continent on fire!" - Sarah Breuel, Director of the European Student Evangelism Conference/Evangelism Coordinator

Image courtesy of IFES Europe

Young People Who Love Jesus

Young people in Europe are hungry for revival. More than 3000 people arrived in Karlsruhe, Germany for Revive Europe starting on 27 December 2019. Young people filled the main hall. On the first night, cheers echoed as each country got a shout-out.

"I like it here so much! I'm meeting people. Here we are 2000 and more young people. It's unbelievable," said Miguel Toledo Romero. Miguel is a student from Malaga, Spain and is involved in the local Agape campus ministry, Q Universitarios.

Young people like Miguel came together from hundreds of churches and 68 countries to Revive Europe.

Partnering with the Whole Body

Part of what makes Revive Europe so significant is that it is marked by an extraordinary display of solidarity and partnership. IFES, the organisation that hosted the conference rallied dozens of partner organisations together to make the event happen. Seeing the whole body of Christ come together to lift up Jesus is moving.

Because we are committed to partnership, Maarten Gast and our student-led movements team decided not to have a fall conference. Instead, they encouraged their students to be part of Revive.

Launch of 20 in 2020 Challenge

During Revive, Agape Europe kicked off the #20in2020 challenge. Glittery and gold, a special New Year's theme booth made a splash and got attention for a New Year's resolution with an eternal impact.

Volunteers explained the challenge and invited other students to sign up here. The idea is to have 20 faith conversations in 2020. Then, throughout 2020, students would get emails with vision, ideas and encouragement. Learn more here

Let's look for a fresh move of God in our lives, at our universities and across our continent. 

Sign up for the 20 in 2020 Challenge here

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