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Sharing God's Love, Changing Lives

The Hope for Life Project is entering its third year of working among village leaders and residents to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, build up local medical infrastructure and teach people about God's love through word and deed.

Sarah from Agape Italy shares about her experiences on mission in Africa:

“We had an amazing journey together to Malawi. The majority of our time was spent in a rural village called Kalumba. Imagine….grass huts; pigs, goats and chickens wandering about; singing and dancing in fabulous African style; dusty little feet running freely; a joyful people with so little and yet so much to give. It was a scene straight out of National Geographic.

Our team, composed of 12 Italians, 2 Americans and 1 Portuguese, worked so well together. Each was able to contribute in his/her own unique way. We offered health education classes, English classes and a clothing/shoe distribution. We also did a dedication service for the health clinic and staff houses we are helping to construct. Each evening we traveled to a different surrounding village to project the Jesus Film, working alongside of local churches to share the Gospel in this very remote area.

We had such a special shared experience, serving and talking together, with my friend who came on this trip. She was definitely the favorite of the kids in the area. Some of my favorite memories of our time were the spontaneous walks we took through the savannah with a crowd of Malawian kids surrounding us.”

Edwin Mtaya - a young man whose life was touched and changed by the Hope for Life project in Malawi - tells what this project has meant to him.

A Life Transformed - Edwin Mtaya Shares his Story

"Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you, friends of Agape Italia and all the Sponsors, for the financial support you rendered to me to accomplish my high school studies.

I am pleased to inform you that I am forever grateful and I pray unto God to continue to bless you as you support those in need. I can’t put it right in words, but what you did to me enabled me to achieve my lifetime dream and inspired me to move to greater heights. Because of you, great friends, I am now among the few educated young men in Malawi with a Master of Public Health Degree and am employed by a reputable institution (Reserve Bank of Malawi).

I would like to encourage those children who are currently being sponsored to work extra harder in order to achieve their goals.

As an appreciation of what you have done to me, with a grateful heart, I decided to follow your example by supporting other children who are struggling. It is inspiring to see that one of those I am helping has finished his college education and others are at high school level.

One thing I have learned is that we should not wait to be rich to start helping others. We should always remember that when you give you receive many blessings from God. This is what I heard from Haswell & Maria Beni, staff members of Agape Italia, as they repeated to me and others the importance being a blessing.

Let’s join hands in helping these under privileged children so that they too can have a bright future.

Many thanks to you all. May God bless you abundantly."

Edwin Mtaya

Photo credits: Sarah Strand

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