The Parting Gift Film

New video & app to share the Gospel


"The Parting Gift" is a 6-minute short film that illustrates how God relentlessly pursues us with His love. It is produced by Wonder Gate – an initiative of Campus Crusade for Christ Australia formed with the purpose of expressing Jesus powerfully through film.

The short film is about a woman who leaves on a long journey without saying goodbye to the man she loves. She begins to fear he has given up on her, never realising he is fiercely pursuing her and only an arm's reach away....

The film is distributed within a mobile app that gives step-by-step instructions and helpful questions for personal reflection and to use when discussing the film with someone else.

Download the app for iOS and Android devices here:



Then, learn how to use the app by watching this helpful tutorial video.

You can also find more information about the film on the Wonder Gate website.


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