What We Do

Agape Europe works to Make Jesus Known and share His love with others through our lives, words and actions. Whether through personal interactions, events, humanitarian aid projects, sport, music, art or the internet – everything we do aims to help people understand Christianity better as they investigate the claims of Jesus Christ and consider a faith decision.

University Students & Youth


At Agape, we invest deeply in the younger generation that includes school-aged children, teens and approximately 12 million university students in major cities throughout Western Europe. When young people know Christ and are willing to share Him boldly with their peers, the potential for deep and long-term impact is huge. We want to help build and support movements that train and empower young people to live a missional lifestyle.
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Leaders and Influencers


In order to positively impact European society, we serve leaders and influencers by equipping them to share the story of Jesus with others using all aspects of their LIFE, meaning their God-given Labour, Influence, Finances and Expertise. We cultivate movements of high-level leaders in the fields of healthcare, education, business, politics, the arts and sports.
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Digital Strategies


Today you can find almost anything online! We create online platforms that share the Good News with people around the globe.  Online learning environments and interactive websites allow anyone to read and learn about the Gospel message, next, trained volunteers respond to questions and guide people toward a faith decision. Various resourses help people grow in relationship with Christ and our network of partners makes connecting with local groups of Christians a natural step in the process.
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Foreign Missions


We want to practise giving and receiving by blessing the nations around us. Involvement in worldwide missions is an integral part of our Christian faith and a way for each believer to express thanks to God. Our desire is that all our staff members and volunteers learn to give abundantly and receive eagerly. We welcome individuals from other countries who come and serve alongside us, helping share God's love with even more people.
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Church Partnerships


Cooperation with Christian churches across denominational lines and in multiple cultural contexts is a powerful testimony of the love of Jesus. As we seek to fulfil the God-given command to love one another and testify of the hope found in Jesus, we help local churches in their mission and in equipping their members.
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Make Jesus Known


Read more about our vision, mission and approach in the Make Jesus Known booklet. Open the booklet in a new window.

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