Christ Day Strategy in South Korea

Hanspeter Nüesch Shares Christ Day Globally

The Seoul Theological University organised a special gathering to present the Christ Day strategy and generate support for the idea of developing a national prayer movement. A wide variety of church leaders attended the Event.

Outgoing Swiss national director couple Hanspeter and Vreni Nüesch travelled to South Korea in May 2013 to continue promoting the Christ Day strategy for building up national prayer networks and bringing together Christians from all denominations to intercede for their country as a demonstration of unity.

South Korean Interest in Christ Day After Heartbeat Tallinn

South Korean theology professor Joshua Cho attended the Christ Day Leader Forum during Heartbeat Tallinn in 2012 and learned about this unique strategy, developed by Agape Europe’s Hanspeter Nüesch, Global Coach for Church Movements. This kind of nation-wide approach was exactly what Prof. Cho had been looking for to fulfil a vision God gave him years ago for revival and transformation in his country.

Vreni and Hanspeter were in South Korea during a period of especially intense North Korean threats against their southern neighbour. The South Koreans were understandably concerned. Speaking in churches and universities as well as to groups of Christian leaders and staff members of the local Campus Crusade for Christ ministry, they shared a message based on a verse from 2 Chronicles 7:14, which focused on the need for reconciliation, repentance and unified prayer in order to bring healing to this divided nation. The difficult situation opened hearts of churchgoers and leaders alike to receive the message and begin praying. 

Pastor Cho prays for his country

Vreni Nüesch speaks to a large group at the  first Christian church founded  in South Korea

The Christ Day strategy focuses on establishing prayer cells dedicated to interceding for every municipality in the country. As individuals, small groups and churches pray for their local communities, barriers are broken down and God is honoured leading to the fulfilment of the promise from 2 Chronicles. This strategy has been successfully implemented in Switzerland, Finland and Estonia, with other countries also currently working to implement the strategy in the near future. 

Since the Nüesch’s visit to South Korea, Professor Cho has brought together leaders from across the geographical and denominational spectrum to build a Christ Day leadership team. This group works in partnership with South Korea Campus Crusade for Christ as well as the Holy City church movement. 

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