Fergus & Clare’s Big Adventure

Interns make a difference at Agape Europe

Are you a student looking for a new challenge after graduation? Are you interested in taking a year off school to try something completely different? Perhaps an internship with Agape Europe is the answer for you. Read the following interview with Clare and Fergus, who share how their time working with our Agape Team in the UK has changed their lives and made a positive impact on many others.

Clare and Fergus finished up a two-year internship with Agapé UK this summer. As they move on to the next exciting chapters of their lives, we asked them to reflect on their time with our team in the UK.

Describe your roles with Agapé during your internship.

Fergus: I worked on Newcastle's campus team connecting with students over the big questions of life and talking about God. I helped build our community by connecting people to one another and I've spent time leading projects such as social media campaigns and running events. I have also written various articles for the Agapé website and Move Magazine, keeping our team in touch with everyone else.

Clare: My role was varied! It was primarily working in Communications, writing articles for print and web, and the social media side of (internet ministry). I also helped pioneer a spiritual movement at the University of Birmingham and Internet ministry with Groundwire (particularly aimed at people in crisis situations with the aim of leading them to Christ).


"I feel that what- ever I do in the future,
I'll be so much better prepared because of the time I spent with Agapé."

To learn more about how you can get involved with Agape, contact one of our National Ministries.

What were some highlights? What was tough?

Fergus: It was tough at first to dictate my own schedule and keep my personal ministry alive and well. I love to strategise and put tasks into place, so highlights range from making good food for our students to leading a spiritual talk and discussion. My 'smile of the week' this year has been studying the gospel of Mark with my friend Callum and our new friend Ryan. All three of us learned loads about God and grew closer to Him.

Clare: My highlights would be the amount I've grown both spiritually and personally throughout these two years, and working with great people! My first year was tough because I came to realise working full-time on campus didn’t fit me.

What are some things God has taught you over this time?

Fergus: I have found my strengths and feel confident to play off them and use them positively within our movement. I also have a deeper conviction and awareness of God's love and plan, along with more self-awareness. I feel closer to Him than ever and joyful in His love and saving grace!

Clare: Confidence in myself that I didn't have before.

What are you planning to do next?

Fergus: I'd love to work with a passionate organisation or group of people and help them develop their connection to the world through networking and media. I look forward to the opportunity to reach out and build a new ministry in a different context.

Clare: As part of an Agapé project, this summer I am taking part in the Crescendo Summer Institute in Hungary where music students come for tuition. An optional part of the course is to engage with Christian spirituality, so I’ll be helping to lead a small group for those interested in discussing spiritual things. Then in September, I am going to be teaching woodwind instruments in a school.

Has your internship prepared you for what you are going to do next? If so, how?

Fergus: I've learned life skills, self-awareness in training and practice, relational skills and organisational skills. I feel completely different to my newly graduated self. Whatever lies ahead I'm ready to jump into it with full assurance of God's plan for my life. It's exciting stuff!

Clare: Definitely. I feel that whatever I do in the future I'll be so much better prepared because of the time I spent with Agapé. I also hope that my summer project to the Crescendo Summer Institute will help with thinking more specifically about reaching musicians with the Gospel.

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