Life is Short. Build Things that Matter.

Indigitous #Hack 4-6 November 2016 in Cities around the World

The importance of digital communication is obvious in today’s world. In terms of missions, the new opportunities that technology offers seem almost endless. The Indigitous group – part of Campus Crusade for Christ’s global digital strategies team – is working to bring tech savvy people together to offer solutions to real challenges in spreading the Gospel globally using technology. This fall, Indigitous#Hack will bring together people in cities around the world to ask questions and deliver answers. This is a great example of Christians coming together in partnership to use their talents to make a difference in worldwide outreach. 

Indigitous #Hack is a global hackathon that will convene thousands of students, technologists and digital specialists to collaborate around missional technology projects from 4-6 November 2016. Educational Media Foundation (a Christian media company) and Wycliffe Bible translators will join Cru, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Jesus Film Project, Quite Uncommon, and other organizations for the project.

The hack-a-thon will take place in cities and campuses in all corners of the world. The initial round of 22 cities to host the Indigitous #Hack event includes seven cities in North America, one in Africa, one in Europe, and 13 in Asia.

Anyone interested in hosting or participating in a #Hack event are encouraged to apply on the Indigitous website

Ali Llewellyn, #Hack Operations Lead

“What is means to be on mission, to serve others, and to be a global church – is literally being redefined right in front of us. And it’s technology that is making this a reality.”

Ken Cochrum, Vice President of Global Digital Strategies at Cru

“Indigitous#Hack is an opportunity to unleash the huge potential in a generation of technologists to improve our world. The event will allow a community of passionate people to use their God-given gifts and experience to help individuals and organizations serve others better."

Participant statement

“I've never been in a setting where technology, missions, and faith are directly linked. This is the perfect space to see that come to life for me.”

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2 responses to “Life is Short. Build Things that Matter.”

  1. Andreina Ramirez says:

    Hello my name is Andreina Ramirez, and I work with social networks to share Christ to another, I do this by believing that behind the cell phones there are many people who should know Christ. I would like to know if you have any training o Experience that you can share with me to be more efficient in what I do. God bless you. im from Venezuela but now im living in Bogota Colombia.

    • AE CommsTest says:

      Andreina, Thank you so much for the work you’re doing in Colombia. We think that using technology as a ministry tool is incredibly important and for this reason we love the “God Tools” App. It’s available in the App Store and the material is available in 30+ languages. Hopefully the resources on that app will give you the help you need to begin using this platform for evangelism. We can’t wait to hear about how the app works for you and what great stories you have coming out of Colombia.
      Thank you so much, The Agape Europe Communications Team

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