This year I will share the Gospel!

Agapé France Campaign to share 300,000 Jesus DVDs

People in our society mainly value what can be seen and felt.

Everything moves so fast.

Whatever we communicate has to be seen and understood instantly!

What could be better than a film that clearly presents the good news of God's love for us?

Today most people in France do not know the story of Jesus Christ, despite our country’s Christian heritage. Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of the long-lasting impact of Jesus’ life on our culture, our history and human spirituality.

Agapé France has launched a campaign in 2016 to mobilise people across the country to share new the Jesus film with people they know. The goal is to distribute 300,000 DVDs by the end of the year. The new HD version with a re-designed DVD cover and brochure to explain the campaign appeal to people who give or receive the film.

Whether you are a believer wishing to share your faith with a friend, or are simply curious to discover who Jesus was and what he did on earth, anyone can order a free  DVD of the film "The Life of Jesus" (in French) or download the free Jesus film media app.

At Christmas – share the Gospel with family and neighbors

At Easter – experience the Gospel and share it with your friends

On Pentecost – give the Gospel that you have received to your colleagues

On Summer Holiday – talk about the Gospel on the beach, in the park, or on the street

At Back to School Time – take the Gospel into class and tell fellow students

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