Conference Evaluation

Fund Development Leaders' Forum and MPD Network Forum 2016

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Conference Evaluation: FD Leaders' Forum 2016

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You attended the Fund Development Leaders’ Forum from April 25-26. This survey is only about that event. (Thanks for keeping that in mind when filling in your answers.) If you also attended the MPD Network Forum, you will  receive another invitation to complete a survey for that event as well.


Spiritual Teaching by Myles Wilson

Describe your WOWs and HOWs from these sessions.

Practical examples of local FD activities presented by Horst and local ministry leaders.

Rank each idea from best (nr. 1) to least helpful for your situation (nr. 9).

Feedback on the Hotel:

(1 = lowest, 5 = highest)

(1 = lowest, 5 = highest)

(1 = lowest, 5 = highest)

Thank you so much for giving us your feedback. We need it! We will contact you to discuss your possible next steps and share our ideas.


Horst and the MPD Core Group