Agapé UK MOVE Weekend

Celebrating 50 Years of God's Faithfulness!

From 3-5 February 2017, Agapé UK will celebrate 50 years since the beginning of the movement there. Their MOVE Weekend will be a great opportunity to tell the story of what God has done through Agapé. We’ll also be looking ahead at how we can all play a part in helping fulfil the Great Commission.

The MOVE Weekend will be a time to connect with others, tell stories, worship God together, be inspired through His Word and pray for this next season of fruitfulness. There will be practical ideas and useful tools to help you faithfully follow Jesus with your whole life.

The program will focus on following Christ WHOLEHEARTEDLY and connecting with God and the world around us to share a message of love and hope. Keynote speakers will share about: 

  • Wholehearted from the Start
  • Connecting Wholeheartedly with our Culture
  • Connecting Wholeheartedly with God
  • Connecting Wholeheartedly withthe World


A variety of workshops will inspire you to reach out to God and engage with others wholeheartedly using practical tools and proven methods such as: 

  • Living and Telling  and other personal evangelism methods
  • Reading the Bible and applying it to our lives in new, creative ways
  • Prayer & Fasting - thinking more about these spiritual disciplines
  • Growing Community and knowing our Neighbour
  • Interacting with people from other cultures and exploring spirituality in a multi-cultural context
  • Agapé strategies like FamilyLife, StudentLife, GAiN and First Acts

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