One King, One Crown

Young People Gather in Switzerland to Make Kingdom Culture Part of their Daily Lives

Peter Reusser

PraiseCamp14 Organiser

“We wanted to bring young people together for one week to encourage them in everyday life and to learn more about Jesus and His life. Based on participant responses, we did a good job this year!”

6,400 Christian youth celebrate in Switzerland

New Year’s Day marked the conclusion of the most recent Praise Camp14 youth event in Basel, Switzerland. Some 6,400 participants gathered in the city’s convention center for six days with the theme: Kingdom Culture. The Swiss Agape ministry - Campus für Christus - played an important role in coordinating and publicizing the event once again.

The large crowd of young people, primarily from German-speaking Switzerland, rang in the New Year by gathering in one of the largest city squares to form a huge crown, representing this year’s PraiseCamp logo. They spent a week together studying the Bible, attending a variety of workshops and listening to exciting speakers. Other activities, including stirring concerts and time to connect with friends, play sports or hang out in the various lounges and cafes. The gathering, which was declared drug-free, reported no notable incidents.

One camp volunteer who helped serve food shared, “I’ve been to PraiseCamp twice already, and this time I just wanted to help make the event a success. Volunteering was a lot more fun than I expected, and it was great to hear a friendly ‘thank you‘ from so many

“PraiseCamp motivated me to help others without expecting anything in return. I want to make a difference every day,” shared Lidia.

“I was moved to see the impact of PraiseCamp yet again. Wherever I looked, I saw satisfied, happy young people.”

“The highlight for me was a statement I heard in one of the talks – that God is always with me, regardless of how things are going. At PraiseCamp, I also learned that even a small gesture can make a difference and really help someone else,”

“Motivated to make a difference every day”
PraiseCamp organisers look back positively on the recent event. “The six days went off without a hitch. I was so pleased that the young people didn’t only hear about “Kingdom Culture”, but they also began living it immediately. A lot of people turned in lost wallets and mobile phones, and there was no pushing and shoving while waiting in line for food. You saw lots of people with smiling faces, “explains Peter Reusser.

Christians Worship God In Unity
The daily highlight of PraiseCamp were the evening plenary sessions. These modern worship services featured a different speaker each evening and included renowned Christian teachers from Switzerland and around the world. For example, Maria Prean, a 75-year-old leader of a children’s aid project in Uganda that serves more than 8,000; Detlef Kühlein from Germany, and Andreas ‘Boppi’ Boppart Event-Preacher from Switzerland and national director of the Swiss Agape ministry (Campus für Christus). In addition to the talks, moving worship filled the evening program. The ‘Kingdom Culture’ theme continued in the morning small-group sessions, where participants dug into the topics and defined concrete next steps for daily life.

Another example of unity was the group of nearly 50 partners who joined hands to make the event possible. The Swiss Agape youth ministry - Campus für Christus - took a leading role in coordinating the event again this year.

Livestream and the PraiseCamp-Song
A daily livestream broadcast of the evening sessions allowed people from around the world to take part. Over 25,000 clicks to the livestream from 65 countries were tallied – including Tanzania, Laos, Panama, Saudi Arabia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

The official PraiseCamp14 song „Kingdom“ was a big hit! Created by Swiss DJ FreeG together with the German Ska-pop band Good Weather Forecast, the song reached number 1 on both the iTUnes and Google Play charts on 31 Dezember 2014.

Press Release: PraiceCamp 14, 1 January 2015. L. Herzog/Translation T. König

Visit the PraiseCamp website to watch more videos and read about the ongoing results of this event.


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