Video Testimonies

Testimonies and good advice from MPD Champions

Be blessed by a selection of testimonies and good advice shared by your fellow staff members at the MPD Network Forum Events in 2014 and 2016. Password to view the videos is MPDn3twork.


Troy Wolbrink

How can the software TntMPD help with Ministry Partner Development?

Phyllis Wilson

How often do you have personal contact with partners and in what form?

Mariló Fuentes (in Spanish)

At one point you had no contacts. How did you gain more contacts?

Hillise Sturing (in Dutch)

Did you ever consider giving up? Why did you keep going?

Tony Brown

What are the main policies for a healthy MPD environment among staff?

Mary Beth Broadwater

How did you follow-up on group presentations that you held previously to get decisions?

Password to view the videos is MPDn3twork.

Barbara Höhn

How have you celebrated MPD progress in Switzerland?


Frikkie Greyling

Why are you passionate about MPD?


Bob Mac Leod

How do you plan an MPD trip? What are common challenges senior staff face when needing to raise substantially more support?

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