A Breath of Freedom

Create, meet, accompany - this is the vision of Agapé ART.

Agapé ART is a network of Christian artists in France who want to share their faith visually, through their art.

A small team of gifted artists have come together to promote this idea by sharing the works of great artists in order to invite people to join the discussion about Art and Faith. Sharing a “deeper message” through high-quality works of art is a way to explore the deeply personal topic of spirituality with people who may not be familiar with the Christian Gospel. Art opens a dialogue, allowing people to discover and engage with the faith that motivates each artist in the exhibition.

This video from an exhibition entitled “A Breath of Freedom” gives an impression of how the visual arts and music can be used to create an atmosphere that lends itself to deeper conversation and the exchange of ideas. There were many insightful moments that moved visitors to take steps of faith, moving toward a personal relationship with God.

The exhibition was held at the Galerie Nesle in Paris, located in a chapel. A concert was given in the evening by John Featherstone in partnership with the church that meets in the chapel.

 For more information about Agapé ART, contact Didier and Donna Heslon. Read the original article about the exhibition in French.

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