A Gentleman on the Telephone

Global Leadership Geneva Makes International Connections

More than seven years ago, Dr. Benjamin Levi Moses began making contact with leaders at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland. Today, he shares about the impact of one man on the movement that has become Global Leadership Geneva (GLG).

It was a Sunday evening; there was an unknown man on the phone calling my home number. He introduced himself as Dr. Tony Ukety and worked in one of the UN agencies in Geneva.

He told me he had learnt about the work that I was doing in Geneva through a friend from Germany who had read about our work with Global Leadership Geneva (GLG) in one of my newsletters. That newsletter caught his interest. Elated, and even more curious, I asked Tony how he had tracked down my home number.

He shared a story of how he had grown up in Africa and had benefitted greatly from the mentoring of a dedicated Swiss schoolteacher whom he viewed as his spiritual mother. They had stayed in contact over the years, and he had called her up that Sunday evening and asked if she knew a man called Benjamin Levi Moses who lived in Lausanne area. To this she answered, “Oh yes, this morning he preached in our church, and he lives in the same community as me.”

That is how God provided the very first contact in the UN agencies in Geneva seven years ago. Eventually I was led to establish contacts with other believers working in several other organizations, with whom I had the pleasure to give courses such as “Connecting God and Work”.

These events served as a platform to build a community of believers in the workplace who in unity and solidarity come together on a weekly basis to pray, read the Word, equip and empower each other to engage their faith in relevant ways. Members of these small groups encourage one another to work with excellence and integrity, to go the extra mile, to face stress with grace, and to remember that people are praying for them as they make decisions that make a global impact. They eagerly look forward to getting together in order to identify strategies to help one another and to serve as salt and light in the workplace.  

Tony is retiring very soon after several years of incredible service to the global medical community. He is an inspiration to me and many others. I thank God for putting me in touch with this man, and I am amazed by his testimony.

In April, Andreas “Boppi” Boppart, the national director of Campus für Christus Switzerland, spent 2 days in Geneva attending GLG events. We had the privilege of spending time with Tony praying and blessing him for the next phase of his life. It was a special opportunity to bless him to remain a catalyst, change agent and a redeeming influence wherever he is placed. This is the essence of what GLG does: we bring Biblical principles to people in places of influence and great responsibility so that they may be transformed by the power of God and be examples of His servant leadership in today’s demanding professional world.

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  1. Ashraf Kabeer says:

    Praise the Lord.
    God is so good and faithful He knows our hearts and mind and always there to help and provide. Thank God for all His great works Amen. Like your ministries and praying for you and your service to God and His people. Ash from UK

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