Church in a Nightclub?!

Meeting Jesus in a Nightclub

Just because you think you know who Jesus is doesn’t mean that you know Him. 

Going to a traditional, Sunday-morning church service is not a typical activity for most university students. The Agape campus ministry in Würzburg (Germany) wanted to challenge stereotypes and began hosting the Nightclub Church events in 2013. Huge initial success of events in November and December 2013 that welcomed more than 450 guests have motivated the team to continue. The idea of holding a modern church service for young people and university students in a nightclub setting is unique in all of Germany.

Watch this video clip to get a taste of what these events are like:

This non-denominational event, featuring live music and a selection of refreshments, takes place in the Posthalle in Würzburg. Recent event themes include “Look for happiness, find meaning! Your Masterplan for 2014” (featuring well-known television evangelist Pastor Ulrich Parzany as guest speaker) and “Islam, Christianity – isn’t it all just the same? Looking at the small but significant differences” (presented by a former Muslim who now believes in Jesus Christ).

Daniel Wild, university student and leader of the nightclub church describes the purpose of the gathering, saying, “We are excited about Jesus Christ, and we want to show people that God loves them too.”

Another event is scheduled for 6 May 2014 in Würzburg, Germany. Visit the website for more details or follow the group on Facebook.

Read (in German) what people are saying about the Nightclub Church:

  • The newspaper Würzburger Leben reports on a recent club event.
  • The Main Post regional edition for Würzburg tells the story of what happens when a church opens its doors in a nightclub.
  • The Christian news portal Livenet features a portrait of this new congregation.

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