Compassion for Migrants


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We, 130 Christian leaders from 18 European countries, are deeply touched by the tragic event that happened on the Mediterranean Sea where over 800 people died while trying to find safety in Europe. We are deeply saddened by the situations in the Middle East and Africa that force so many to flee their homes and their countries.

Each one of us is inspired by the message of the Bible to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and give shelter to the homeless. Therefore, we want to send a message of hope to those seeking safety and shelter from war, famine and persecution: We want you to know that you are loved and known by God. We want you to know that you are welcome and that we are committed to help where we can. We pray God will keep you from harm and bring you to a place of safety.

For the leaders of Europe we pray for wisdom, compassion and fearlessness to do good. We offer you our help wherever it is needed.

For the people of Europe we pray that the true heart of Europe may once again be seen in our generous and selfless attitude towards the stranger in need.

Málaga, Spain, Thursday, April 23, 2015

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