Crescendo Summer Institute 2016

Spiritual Refreshment through the Arts

The city square of Tokaj, Hungary.

This year's summer institute in Tokaj, Hungary (25 July - 8 August 2016) welcomed a selection of international students and instructors who made beautiful music together during the 2-week event. 

Besides numerous performances, participants had opportunities to perfect their art and reflect on the heart and soul of the performing artist in small-group discussions with peers. 

An atmosphere of genuine interest allowed students and teachers to connect and interact in new ways. Many took steps of faith, others experienced a new kind of inner peace and learned a new approach to making music and making friends. 

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The Institute was a real revelation for me and a refreshing experience. It's not always the case that you go home feeling spiritually refreshed after this kind of music festival. I especially enjoyed the small-group meetings - and the fact that I added a lot of new people to my circle of friends. I've told everybody that Crescendo offers a refreshing change from the typical "secular" Master Class, where most instructors are just out to promote themselves and further their own careers. At the Summer Institute we had deep discussions that made it clear to me that they took me seriously as a person - regardless of whether I am a Christian or not. This is something very special - and very precious.

~ N.K., violinist from London

This year, Crescendo welcomed a number of Asian participants from China, Japan, Bali and Vietnam. Some of these were also music teachers who attended with their students. 

In addition to musical instruction, the young artists were supported by a range of support staff including:

The Prayer Team - an international group of on-site volunteers who prayed daily for the needs and well-being of participants and guests

The "Play & Pray" Team - a group of musicians who use their instruments to express the spiritual longings of their hearts, to inspire others and invite them to join in 

The Creative Church Team - various artists and pastoral leaders who offer unique worshop experiences that highlight new aspects of the Christian faith

A Mentoring Team that works with young artists to help them navigate the uncertain waters of life as a professional musician

The Tune-in Team - small-group leaders who provide relevant teaching on Biblical principles and help apply them in real life


Since 2004, the Crescendo Summer Institute, held in Tokaj, Hungary, has offered students of music opportunities to improve their craft by learning from renowned teachers and performing together. They want to create an atmosphere of trust that encourages participants to consider the spiritual side of their art and lives and provides them opportunities to explore faith in Christ. 


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