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Disaster Assistance and Response Team

DART team

What is DART? 

DART is the “Disaster Assistance and Response Team” of GAiN. It is a team of trained volunteers available 24/7 that takes immediate action after disasters. The DART team provides assistance in the form of food and clothing distribution, temporary shelter, medical advice and trauma counselling, as well as initiating long-term reconstruction and development.

“DART is for me a way to express my inner passion to serve those in need and see them flourish.”

- Elseline, Holland

DART is looking for people to volunteer their time to serve in a disaster area, to be a constant in times of chaos, and to support local partners in their efforts to aid those affected by a disaster.

Would you like to volunteer?

In order to prepare for a disaster, DART trains volunteers in theory and practice. After completing the training, if you are suitable, you can be a disaster relief worker who will be available in case of an emergency. 

Do you…

  • have a passion to serve the most vulnerable?
  • have good English language skills?

Are you…

  • flexible and available on short notice?
  • a Christian?
  • available for a minimum of 3 weeks and up to 3 months at a time?
  • able to work under difficult conditions?
  • physically fit?

Then you can apply!

DART team 2
GAIN - DART logos

Join us in the next DART training.

Location: Latvia

Training dates: June 11-20, 2021* (including travel time) 

Costs for the training: Approximately 450 € plus flight

Application deadline: October 25, 2020

*This training may not take place, depending on the pandemic situation. Please reserve the dates and stay flexible. A final decision will be made later.


To apply, please visit the DART website to fill out an application. 

For more information about the training, go to


DART - Be the change. Give hope.

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