Equipping Believers in London

“I would really like to share my faith, but I don’t know how.”


By Bayta Schwarz

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Kate’s* comment made Laura, Agapé UK staff in London, think of the training she, along with all other UK staff, had just gone through. ‘Living & Telling’ is Agapé UK’s flagship training resource, designed to encourage and inspire believers to help people discover Jesus together. In recent years, the tried and tested Living & Telling material has been updated and made into a video series, making it easy to use in person or online. Laura suggested she and Kate could work through the material together – and Kate was up for it! 

The story does not end there, though. Laura first met Kate on a ‘Christianity Explored’ course she was co-leading at her church. Caroline*, Laura’s co-leader and an intern at the church, thought the Living & Telling material sounded great. She was interested in going through it herself but sadly didn’t have time at that point.


Fast forward a couple of months. Completely out of the blue, Caroline contacted Laura to ask about the possibility of offering Living & Telling as a follow-up to an online seminar the church were planning on ‘Sharing your Faith in a Pandemic’. On the day of the seminar, Tim, who led the Living & Telling refresh, was able to share briefly about the course. Amazingly, 13 people signed up—and there might even be an opportunity for the training to be used elsewhere in the church’s network.

London - Laura Fels

Laura Fels

What a great example of using one of our best resources to equip believers beyond our organizational context! Laura knew she had the right tools to meet a felt need in her church. She took the opportunity presented to her, and with Living & Telling being available in a highly transferable format, other believers now have more confidence in sharing their faith in Jesus.

*Names changed.

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