Forgiveness in Dubrovnik

Women Leaders Meet in Dubrovnik for Spiritual Refreshment

For the past few years, women leaders within Agape Europe have gotten together for 4-day retreats designed to strengthen fellowship and build friendships, within the group and with the Lord – always with the attitude of enjoying the spiritual side and learning from the relational aspect. This year the group met in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 5 - 8 May. The topic was Forgiveness. Gema Perez-Pescador, wife of Agape Europe Director, Javier Garcia, shares about the event and how it touched the participants.

When you mention a women’s meeting, some people immediately grit their teeth, imaging the cliché of women getting together to gossip, talk about their problems and everyone crying in the end. But I can assure you that this is not the case in our Round Table Women’s Meetings. Although crying is sometimes a very healthy and necessary expression, we all have a lot to laugh about too! Each year’s program is shaped by the meeting location, but we always include a historical component, to broaden our knowledge; a cultural event, to enrich the soul; and, of course, something to stimulate the spirit - through quiet time with God, prayer, Bible study and a seminar.

Here is some feedback from the women who attended:

“The best way to summarize our days together in Dubrovnik would be, in a word, encouraging! We had time in the Word individually and together, teaching on forgiveness, time to pray together and time in Dubrovnik to enjoy our surroundings! This time each year is a blessing and an encouragement.”

“We had some wonderful days together as Agape women. Even though we come from different countries with different languages, different spiritual backgrounds and though we were in different seasons of life, there was a feeling of sisterhood. We could talk, listen, share and pray. It was very interesting to hear about Croatian history. Hard to believe it has only been 20 years since the war ended."

“What I have enjoyed the most at these gatherings is the possibility to share our current realities with peers, women who are in the same position and understand the joys and difficulties of my life.”

“The time in Dubrovnik was rich in fellowship. Hearing how God is working in each other’s lives is an encouragement and a ministry.”

“I told my friends at home all about it! I have travelled quite a lot in the past few years, but Dubrovnik is the most beautiful town I’ve seen. I am so thankful to God for the gift of this special event that made me feel so appreciated. The topic of Forgiveness during our Bible studies was just what I needed."

“Our time in Dubrovnik was a special time of renewal and refreshing. I just loved spending time together with each and every one of the other ladies, but I was also blessed by our Lord’s beautiful creation."

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