A training program first took Des to India, but she could not close her eyes to the poverty she witnessed.


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Sozos visits an orphanage

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Showing God's love with a cuddle

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Slums. Troubling poverty. Needy people all around. Des and her husband Sozos, staff members with Agape Cyprus, knew they could not just walk away.

The couple visited India for the first time as part of an Agape Europe Leadership Training program that included a trip abroad to observe how local Christians are helping others in their communities. This was an opportunity for program participants to experience first hand how the poor live. The experience changed Des and Sozos’ lives.

Since that initial encounter, the support of a small group of partners has allowed the work to continue, and Des and Sozos have organized a handful of outreach trips so far.

They have run camps for vaccination and general medical care and food distribution in underprivileged villages and slums.

They have also visited or served in orphanages, a leper colony and a maternity ward, where they encouraged young mothers and their newborn infants. Although they often distributed items like baby cots or basic hygiene items, their primary goal is to encourage others by sharing God’s love. 

Thanks to local partnerships with small churches, the support of medical professionals to help with vaccinations and a group of faithful partners who support the trips through prayer and finances, the project continues.  Key partners include Pastor Tomy  and his wife Glorious as well as Pastor Gladvin with Eva, who have supported project efforts through translation services and providing local access.

“Each and every time we go to India, new opportunities are opening. CMC Hospital has agreed to help us in any way needed for next year. This year we also became acquainted with Dr. Shahi, an HIV specialist and an amazing man! He has so much compassion for his people. Dr. Shahi and his team of doctors supported us for all vaccination camps, and he will also be present in December 2014 for the 3rd and final camp, we are looking forward to working with him again next year,” explains Des, looking forward to another trip to India.

Read the details of Des' ministry  here. If you would like to know more about the India project and how you can get involved, please contact the Heart for India Team.


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