Honouring God for 50 Years with 50 Gifts

Campus für Christus in Germany celebrates 5o years of ministry with a week of giving back to the community.

As Campus fur Christus Germany was planning  to mark the 50th anniversary of the ministry, they had a unique idea; involve the whole city of Geissen (where the headquarters is currently located) in the celebrations. For one week, from 29 May until 3 June, the ministry committed to give 50 “gifts” to the city, in the form of activities that would bless and involve as many residents as possible.

Some activities raised the visibility of Christians, churches and Campus für Christus across the city. Over six days, a marathon of 166 readers read the entire bible through in the main shopping area for all to hear. One person standing in the area said “I’m a Muslim, but I really like to listen to the bible. There is so much hope in it.”

In the pedestrian zone they set up a wheel on which was written topics like love, doubt, money, God, identity and freedom. People were invited to turn the wheel and talk about the topic that was displayed when the wheel stopped.  Dinner parties were hosted around the city to give people a chance to have spiritual discussions. A pop concert sponsored by SHINE drew 350 teenagers and gave them an opportunity to hear about Jesus.

One observer commented “I had no idea Campus fur Christus was so versatile.”

Other activities were intended to simply bless the city as needs were met.  At the GAiN warehouse 60 people packed 30 pallets of aid supplies over a 24 hour period. Prayer teams were spread around the city centre giving passers by the opportunity to have someone pray with them.  Over four days volunteers gave free coffee and water to anyone passing through the main transportation station.  One person receiving coffee said, “Never before have I experienced that someone cared about me. You made my day. Thank you.“

The week culminated with a gala celebration of over 650 staff, friends and special guests from around the country. It was the fitting end to an amazing week and the beginning of the next 50 years of God’s faithfulness in Germany.

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