Some things are just too hard to hide

Finding ways to communicate effectively is always a challenge. Add in factors like socio-economic background, language skills or gender and things become very complex. Although the message of God's love and forgiveness is meant for a universal audience, finding effective tools and methods for sharing it around the world is not always easy.

The Global Short Film Network produces high-quality video material to illustrate key concepts of the Christian faith and make the message of Christ accessible to the widest range of people possible. Each film comes with a list of questions for reflection that can be used individually or in a group.

Jangled is one of their latest additions to the collection. Visit their website to view and download more free video material and resources.

Click here to read questions for reflection on Jangled

JANGLED: Some things are just too hard to hide.

Connecting over a film is more about listening and sharing than just watching a movie. The questions below serve as a springboard to jump into a conversation with others after you watch the film together.
You can work through the list or pick your favorite questions. You will be surprised at the stories you discover along the way.

General Observation:
1. What did you think of the film? How did it make you feel?
2. Did the film end as you expected? Why or why not?

3. Why do you think the woman tried to hide the bracelets?
4. Why do we hide things from others?

Personal Life-Application:
5. Have you ever felt you needed to hide something from others?
6. What might the bracelet represent in your life?

God's Perspective on Hiding Things in our Lives:
7. Issues of shame and honor ultimately point to how we view God. How do you view God?
8. What do you think your response would be after being freed from the bracelets?

Sharing your own Story:
"May I share some of my own experience of how my “bracelets” were multiplying out of control in my life?"

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