Jesus Rocks the Club

Church in a Nightclub goes Swiss


Following the success of the Church in a Nightclub launched in January 2014 in Würzburg, Germany, the Swiss team wanted to see how the concept would translate to Zurich. Answer: it worked!

The lights dim, the preacher stands in the spotlight on the dancefloor as some of the nearly 50 guests listen from their barstool seats. It’s not your typical “church service” atmosphere, but the young adults seem to be enjoying themselves. 

“It’s a great idea! There are so many young people here,” says Maximillian, a 22-year-old student of electrical engineering at the Swiss Federal Technical Institute in Zurich. “I’ll be back without a doubt,” exclaims Nathalya, a student of communications. 

This new church model is simple and it works. Young people have a personal experience with Jesus Christ and celebrate a service of worship and prayer – in a nightclub. 

“I’ll be back without a doubt,” exclaims Nathalya, a student of communications.

“We want to give people who are outside of the traditional church community a chance to experience God in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. To do this we have to go where the people are,” explains Caroline Mathies, event organizer and local leader of Agape’s work among students. "Walking into a club requires a lot less courage than entering a church building – especially for people who do not usually attend church services."

A down-to-earth and heartfelt message by Andreas “Boppi” Boppart fits well in the relaxed atmosphere, just like serving refreshments from the club’s bar. Church in a Club events are scheduled for twice per semester, and there is space for up to 200 people to attend.

By Lukas Gammenthaler

Visit the Kirche im Club website and follow Campus Live activities on Facebook.

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