Jesus Welcomes Children

DVDs Distributed to Families in Sweden

One year ago the Agape Sweden was working hard to prepare a mailing to 94,000 families in their country. These packages contained a special gift – a DVD of the JESUS film in a special edition for children. This version shares the story through the eyes of children who might have lived during the time Jesus was here on earth. The goal of this initiative was to help people understand the message of Jesus and the meaning of Easter.

The DVDs arrived in Swedish homes about one week before Easter. Almost immediately the phones at Agape started ringing and e-mails came pouring in.

The vast majority of people contacted us to say, “thank you” for their unexpected gift, and some people asked how to get more DVDs to share with their family and friends. Schools also called to ask for additional copies to give to their teachers. We even got a call from a Muslim man who appreciated receiving the DVD. He reported that he and his family had watched the movie and enjoyed it.

Agape gladly helped these people get the resources they were looking for, either by sending DVDs or with online resources available on the new JESUS film portal in Swedish.

Now, as the next Easter holiday approaches, Agape Sweden looks back on positive encounters following the DVD distribution. One boy’s life has been drastically changed by watching the film:

When Oscar started attending a new school he was teased because he did not have a father. He was often involved in fights. Then he met a boy by name Nils. One day Oscar went with Nils to a youth meeting at Nils’ church. During that meeting, the children watched the JESUS film. That evening Oscar made a decision to believe in Jesus and started his own journey of faith. We are thankful for this changed life and continue to pray for others who will watch this film.

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