Mentoring in the Mountains

This Year’s Mountain Experience for Young Leaders
Inspired Participants for Ministry

Three intensive days in the Swiss Alps to share, discuss and pray about spiritual leadership, team leadership and strategic leadership. Four senior leaders and twelve younger leaders shared their lives and mentored one another on long walks filled with deep conversations and lots of fun. Hanspeter and Vreni Nüesch introduced the daily topic in morning sessions, taking inspiration from the lives of great Christian leaders like Billy Graham and Bill Bright.

I understood how important and critical it is for a leader to ask God to provide a clear vision. After the Mountain Experience, I want to spend more time searching for God’s will both personally and for our ministry.

It meant a lot for me to spend quality time with you and to get some insight of the bigger picture of our area-wide ministry.

I want to pray more for my team members. I am very encouraged to do the things I do, to think bigger and give the team members more challenging assignments.

This was the most important week for me during this past year.  In only a few days, I have learned more about vision, character and the next steps we need to take than in all the past months of my own planning, thinking, etc.

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2 responses to “Mentoring in the Mountains”

  1. Moni Guidon says:

    After attending a recent spiritual mentoring cohort in Sydney, where I was asked if this type of work does also exist in Switzerland, which happens to be my home country, I found this page of yours!! Mentoring in the mountains!! I am so happy to know that your work is equipping young leaders for ministry.
    How regularly do you run these intensive days? I am very keen to find out more.
    May God continue to bless your ministry!

    • Allison Doolittle says:

      Thank you for your question and your passion for your country! This type of mentoring in the mountains was a one-time event with a specific group invited. We don’t have regular mentoring opportunities in Switzerland. However, we do have an amazing ministry in Switzerland. You can find out more here:

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