Ministering to Ukrainian Refugees in Prague

How do you help during the war in Ukraine? How do you love someone you can’t communicate with?


What does it look like for the body of Christ to love others well?


Since the war broke out in Ukraine, Prague has welcomed more than 270,000 refugees, according to The New York Times


How do you help? How do you love someone you can’t communicate with?

One example of sharing the love of Christ came when one woman and her two children fleeing from Ukraine to Prague were met with hospitality, love and provision. As God cares for His children, so are His followers called to care for their neighbor.


Entering a new country without speaking the language immediately brings barriers and limitations, but Agape staff members protected this woman and her family. Staff members in Prague provided housing, visas, insurance and winter jackets.


Dozens of church family and Agape staff members are not only providing for the physical needs of this family, but their spiritual needs as well, as they share about Jesus with them. The mother and her children have begun attending church services and Sunday school despite language barriers. The Christian environment in Prague is providing safety and stability amidst the war in Ukraine.

As Jesus cares for every hair on your head, He cares for your physical needs as well. He cares about children, immigration papers, food and housing. He cares about connecting people who know Him and love Him to others, that they also may have the opportunity to know God personally.


As steps of faith were taken by this woman and her children fleeing to Prague for protection, they are being introduced to Jesus Christ in the midst of the crisis.


Please continue to be daily praying for Agape staff members in Ukraine by joining the 24/7 Prayer Chain

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