Mission Possible

Join the Teams of Nordic and Mediterranean Euro STINT to Launch Campus Ministries

Some countries like Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Luxemburg, Malta, Cyprus and the islands of Corsica and Sicily do not have an Agape student movement or any Agape presence at all. There have been prayers and conversations, but now is the time to initiate and spark a fire on these campuses that will lead to a lasting spiritual movements. We, as European ministries, need to take radical steps of faith to help close the missional gap in Western Europe. Join the "Mission Possible" of Nordic and Mediterranean Euro STINT!

Are we going to launch and leave?

From the beginning we are looking at how we can launch movements in these locations and then give them the nurturing and care they need to continue. Each location will have a coach who is trained and knows how to lead from a distance. Also each area will have (or already has) a partnership with another European country which will help sustain launched movements.

How to apply?

Staff and students who are interested in applying for Nordic and Mediterranean STINT should apply through LDHR Agape office (Leadership Development and Human Resources) in their country of residence. Each LDHR office will be informed about application processes for this Euro STINT. Applications should be submitted, as far as possible, by March 1st.

What to expect from this experience? (FAQ)

What type of student or graduate can do this?

This isn’t a typical STINT experience. The team will be experiencing some unique challenges due to multiple transitions over the course of the year which may cause stress. We are looking for people who:

  • Can trust God and see positive things in the midst of difficult situations
  • Demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit and a commitment to teamwork
  • Are flexible and self-sufficient
  • Are able to live with ambiguity
  • Show initiative and have skills in basic evangelism
  • Are able to train others in basic ministry skills
  • Have a lot of energy to initiate new relationships
  • Are adventurous
  • Have a learner mentality and are sensitive to other cultures

The routes are still being defined but you should expect to move around to multiple locations. Nordic Euro STINT – Icleand, Norway, Denmark and Luxemburg. Mediterranean Euro STINT – Sicily, Malta, Cyprus, Corsica.

What training will they receive before they leave?

The STINT teams will attend a STINT briefing that will cover cross cultural training  and team building. The STINT teams will also be trained in ministry skills that will equip them to launch movements.

What help Euro STINT’ers can expect in a location?

This is a pretty adventurous STINT. As much help as possible will be provided to find places to stay, contacts in the churches and distance coaching, but STINT’ers will be completely on their own, learning and discovering the country and city where they will be staying.

Finishing well

Because the year will be unique and sometimes difficult we want to do our best to help you finish well. We will gather both teams back to one special location for some ministry alongside another team, debrief, some rest, sightseeing, and memories.


Agape, Europe leadership will attempt to raise special funds for Nordic and Mediterranean Euro STINT teams. STINT teams will need to raise funds for food and personal expenses. There is no promise that funds will be raised by AE leadership, but this is a priority on their fund development list.

For more information please contact Renata Ramanauskaite at, the Euro STINT project leader.

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