Not Interested!

How do you share the Gospel with students
who have no interest in God?

Marcos goes over details with the film crew

Marcos goes over details with the film crew

If you want to get people's attention, you have to offer them something exciting!

Marcos, student leader in Agape Spain at the University of Castellón, had the idea of making a short film with his fellow students. They all study at the Film School, so they loved the idea. Around 20 of them got involved. The great majority of this group have never stepped into a church, but now, for the first time, they got involved with a Christian initiative and have met other students who follow Jesus.

Some of the film students have taken the time to find out more about what we believe in and have started listening to our weekly audio messages on internet. 

Thanks to this experience, Marcos has been able to share the gospel clearly with a couple of them and one, who is agnostic, would like to be a part of one of Agape Spain Summer Projects with Marcos. This is only the beginning!

Response from a listener through Facebook

“I'm more of an atheist... but, listen, it seems the Bible does say a couple cool things. I really loved the message! :-)”

Students during filming

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