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Staff from Cyprus Continue to Help the Poorest of the Poor

Visiting slum areas with local doctors and nurses was an amazing, but heart-breaking, experience again last year. The first step for us is convincing parents to take their children to the nearby hospital for free vaccinations. In more remote villages, school buses pick up the children and bring them to the hospital.

Many children are left alone to look after each other while their parents go out to work. Although this is shocking to us, the reality is that if the parents do not work, then the family does not eat. 


Families often work together in the landfills collecting recyclables to earn a little money to buy rice. Conditions there are terrible, and the smell is overpowering.

We found one baby alone in a dark room, very lethargic and clearly undernourished. We bought protein supplements for hundreds of children like this one who live in the slums.

The special mosquito net baby cots we offer protect infants from getting dengue fever, just one of the diseases which kills some 3,000 babies every day in this area. The baby beds were manufactured for us in India, and hundreds have been distributed. Mothers were overwhelmed with the gift, saying that their babies were able to sleep well and that the cots were effective in keeping mosquitos away. We distributed 200 baby beds during the trip last year. Being invited into their homes is also an opportunity to share the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

In 2015, we invited approximately 700 children from various underprivileged villages and slum areas to an afternoon program. It was a time to share a message of love from God's Word. What a joy to see these children with smiles on their faces!

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