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Involving students in Spain


Agape Spain’s student movement is called Q! They offer a varied program of activities and opportunities for interaction among students. Nacho shares about a recent outreach to meet new students and share about their work on campus in Valencia.

We started last semester with a week-long evangelistic campaign at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Our colleagues from Q Málaga and Q Granada came to help run surveys, pass out informational material, talk to students and collect contact details from anyone interested in knowing more. We are very happy with the results. More than 80 students gave us their contact details because they wanted to know more about what we do on campus.

We wrapped up the week with a gathering that welcomed more than 14 new students came. Most of them are now regularly coming to our weekly meetings.

The results of the campaign are yet to be fully seen, as we are still receiving emails like the one you can see below. We are still working to make contact with new students who want to join the group. 

I'd like to join your meetings in our campus. Could you tell me a bit more of what you do in those meetings and the program of activities?

Greetings, Eduardo

Just a simple question like this can open the door to a relationship with a new student. But although we meet lots of new students, our work goes beyond that. Our job is to help them walk closer with God or get better acquainted with the claims of the Gospel and make life-changing faith decisions. We are not interested in big numbers but in the personal growth of each student.

Visit the website of Agape Spain student movement Q.

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