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I learned about Christ on a F1 Website

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While visiting a Formula 1 racing website, Budapest, Hungary resident Balázs saw a website banner that intrigued him — “6 Reasons To Know That God Exists”.  He clicked on the ad, taking him to an article on a Christian website in his own language - the Hungarian version of  That was the beginning of Balázs’s journey of growth in the Christian faith.

Balázs found the website a safe way to get more information without feeling judged or pressured.  For the next three hours he stayed on the site, reading every article.  Eventually he came to a little button inviting him to pray to confirm that he believed in Jesus Christ. After thinking carefully, Balázs clicked the button just to see what would happen. He came to a screen where he could ask any question he had about God.

“I wrote my hardest questions and said, ‘let’s see if somebody can answer me,’ and much to my surprise, I got an answer,” Balázs said.  After a couple of months of emails and building a relationship with an E-Coach, Balázs said, “I just ran out of questions, and I thought, ‘OK, I’m convinced, I can’t reject it anymore.’”

When he put his faith in Christ, Balázs said, “I started to read the Bible.  I read the whole New Testament in a week.  It was really convincing; I had never read the Bible before.”  Balázs began attending church, and his health, finances and relationships improved.

Since he hadn’t trusted “religious people” before that pivotal day at work, Balázs says now, “If it wasn’t for the digital means, I probably wouldn’t be a Christian.” After some training, he now has come full circle:  he has become an E-Coach himself, answering emails from skeptical nonbelievers and helping them on the journey toward faith in Jesus Christ.

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