Reason for God in Rome

Tim Keller – “the C.S. Lewis of the 21st century” – defends Christianity

"There was great joy in the city" (Acts 8:8) in Rome on May 28 with the visit of Tim Keller, one of the best-known contemporary evangelical preachers and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian  in New York City.  Keller has been called the "C.S. Lewis of the 21st century."

In Italy, finding resources that are true to the Word of God and relevant to the world we live in can be hard.  For this reason when a pastor in Rome approached Agape Italia with the idea of supporting the translation of Keller's book Reason for God (Ragioni per Dio)  into Italian, and inviting the author to speak at an event on campus, we jumped at the idea.  From the beginning, the goal of the event was much more than gospel-proclamation on campus, but also for God to use a very talented writer to see culture change on the literary level in Italy.

Agape Italia helped raise funds for the book to be translated and printed, and also co-sponsored the on-campus gathering called "Ask a question of God."  Keller's book was made available to students and they participated in a lively question and answer session with Tim Keller about the reliability of the Bible, the problem of evil, and the alleged equality of all religions.

“How can we reach God?” asked Renato, a biology student from La Sapienza. Now one of our staff members will meet with him to share how he can start relating to God directly.  This young man is just one of the people who Agape Italia workers in Rome will be talking to about personal spirituality and the claims of Christ in the Bible over the coming weeks.

During his visit Keller also spoke at a press conference with the Senate of the Republic of Italy, where he defended the public role of evangelical Christianity. That same evening, Keller preached to a crowd of 150 people about God’s heart for the city. “The challenge for the church is not to flee the city, but live there according to the gospel.”

Beth Ann Nelson, Agape Italia Staff Member

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