Refugee Aid in Greece Update

As the northern border to Macedonia is currently closed, the number of people in need increases daily.

Refugees have been coming to Greece for years because it is the gateway for people from the Middle East and Eurasia on the way to Europe. However, during 2015 the number of refugees and migrants coming to Greece and travelling on to Europe along the Balkan Route increased dramatically.

In response to the great need, Agape Greece began using its medical ministry vans to serve refugees on the northern border between Greece and Macedonia in the area near Idomeni.

Over the past few months, the team of staff has worked with local volunteers – doctors and nurses donating their time to care for the medical needs of the refugees, Agape staff members helping to distribute the food, water, clothing, hygiene items and whatever else they have to give to the many people in need who are living in the makeshift villages on the border. Bad weather recently made the situation even worse.

Refugee Tents
The Basic Needs of Everyday Life...
Agape Greece Helping Refugees
Agape Greece on National News
Refugees Receiving Food
Refugee Camp Signs

Agape Greece staff member and a leader of the refugee outreach activities, Evangelia Ntai, shares from her heart. “It's a matter of perspective friends. Some see ‘the Refugees’ as a bunch of people who could be a threat to our European civilization - if there is such a thing anymore. I see people with names, families with history, and faces with unique characteristics. I see Nour, Arua, and Hasan. I see God in each one of [the faces].”

In addition to the relief aid efforts in Greece, Agape Netherlands, Campus für Christus Germany, Agape Italia and Agape Sweden continue to reach out to refugees in their countries to provide aid, integration support and cultural training.

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