SummerSHINE Málaga 2016

One Awesome Week in Málaga with Youth from Across Europe

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Mike Zurbrügg, Agape Europe SHINE co-leader, shares his enthusiasm about the week in Spain:

The way God worked at SummerSHINE’16 was amazing! Our summer camp welcomed 300 youth and leaders from 11 countries. It wasn’t just a wild, colorful fireworks display of youthful creativity, but things went much deeper.

From the first day, we saw healings and faith decisions when we talked to people on the streets of Málaga. Each afternoon and evening we engaged with people in the city, at the beach and at the local skate park. During the entire week we invited people to our main evangelistic events: an Open air Concert and a Beach Party.

Our two main goals – to make an outward impact and to work in the lives of the participants – were reached. Many people experienced God in a personal way, and the young people who attended learned how to shine brightly for Jesus through daily workshops and spiritual teaching by Oliver & Janine Schmid. God was present and working at one particular morning session, and afterward, more that thirteen young person asked to be baptized. What a wonderful gift from God!

The feedback we’ve heard from parents and local leaders has been so encouraging! So many have shared how enthusiastic their teens were when they came back from Spain. What great opportunity it was to work with a lead this group of young people in Málaga!

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