SummerSHINE Reaches Youth

Youth on fire for God, sharing their faith, connecting with people

One exciting week of Mission: concerts in schools, street outreach, evangelistic beach parties, fun, prayer and experiencing God. This special summer event was sponsored by SHINE Europe, Agape Europe’s youth department. Participants came from Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Austria, the US and Switzerland. Local organizers were members of the electro-rock band, Good Weather Forecast, who are also on staff with Campus für Christus, our Agape ministry in Germany.

The collection of activities provided opportunities to share the Good News of faith with around 20,000 local teens and about 100 of their teachers. Countless others people happened to see us in action in the city at activities like our dancing flash mob. 

In addition to Good Weather Forecast, the Australian rapper Purified and the English band LZ7 led by Lindz West played to huge crowds on the festival’s main stage.

Performances included inspiring personal stories from the artists and the opportunity for listeners to give a personal response indicating an interest in the Christian faith. On one evening, about 1,000 young people raised their hands to show a decision, and 300 of them came backstage for personal prayer. The area was completely full, and no more people could fit in. Helpers ran out of Bibles, pens and paper to give out to people.

Now volunteers from local churches and youth groups are working to contact everyone to provide support in the first steps of Christian growth. This overwhelming response was an encouragement for leaders and participants!

Conference participants had opportunities to get involved in various activities. Morning sessions for worship and teaching gave the young people food for thought, which they discussed in small groups and applied through practical workshops that followed the theme “SHINE@everyday”.

Three afternoons were spent in Nürnberg’s old city center, where Gospel concerts, dance performances, a flash mob and short presentations about the God of the Bible provided opportunities for personal interaction with local people.

The next SummerSHINE outreach event is being planned for 2016. Visit the SHINE Europe website to learn more about your next opportunity to take part and invite friends and family to participate.

Visit the SHINE Facebook page to see more great photos like this one of our dancing bunnies from the flash mob in downtown Nürnberg.

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